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    Quote Originally Posted by OceanO View Post
    jump into the fray? are you kidding me? was this thread for special members only? people are sick of reading your crap boy george. you go off on everybody with a different opinion! it seems to be your only reason for showing up on SI. you add nothing of value to this site. you never even discuss surfing. just argue, threaten, insult, and run people down to feed your small-man superiority complex. must be lonely being you.
    Says the douche that has only come into this thread to ***** at me and Yankee and joined the site to bash and belittle a guy who started a thread about building a board!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by OceanO View Post
    thought you were leaving SI? didn't you beg to have your account deleted cause you got an infraction? for threatening to murder people...once again. or were you just crying out for attention? sad sad sad little boy george

    As stated in that thread I was leaving due to the hypocrisy of the infraction. As I said I did threaten the hell out of you and Emass. You both took it like big boys and argued back with me. I never uttered any threat to ECswells but simply warned him that he was not in HI anymore and to watch out for folks on the east coast since he bashed an entire state. He then reports me to the admin/mod. When members chimed in and said not to leave I rethought my position, mainly due to PBJ's comments and a few other folks. Not two weeks before PBJ and I went at it in the civil war thread, had differing opinions, but found mutual respect, then later on he even helped me with my choice stop toking with some very helpful advice in some PM's.

    You obviously will never stop taking shots at me and others you don't like so lets stop derailing Wayne's thread and call it a day. Your scathing reply to this comment will not be responded to by me so you have a nice life, get some waves and always cross the road when the Do Not Walk sign is lit and with your eyes closed.
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