Ok, so as some of you know I lost my GoPro nearly a half a year ago. So as you would assume I searched the beach for weeks on end hoping to find this camera. The last time I tried to search for it was after Hurricane Sandy. My hopes of finding it were basically at zero after seeing all the tractors moving miles of sand around the Island. Today Surf Shack South sent me a message that put a 180 degree smile on my face. They told me that Andrew Magrini had made some kind of post that had footage of the day I lost this camera and he was looking for the person who lost it. I then message Andrew and found out that he caught it surf fishing in Harvey Cedars which is a 8 mile distance from where I lost it in Beach Haven! That is a 17 minute car ride! This demonstrates how strong the ocean and tides were to move a basically weightless camera 8 miles past jettys and what not in the ocean.It also shows that there are still some great people in the world! I cant thank you enough Andrew Magrini and Surf Shack South