Its nice to have a shop like Sweetwater in town.

I'm by no means a local - I've lived here off and on for six years now. And maybe this is only an issue with older surfers. But I hate paying more than a dollar for surf wax.

So, I walked into Sweetwater yesterday and put 2 bars of wax on the counter. The girl working asked me for $1. Idont know if she recognized me or she just knows how surfers like to be treated, I like to think it's a bit of both. But that simple gesture, told me that the shop appreciates my business. And more importantly validates the fact that Sweetwater is the first surf shop I go to when friends and family visit and want to buy surf stuff, clothes, gifts, etc. It makes it worth fighting to find a spot to park so you can get in the shop in the summer.

Thank you Sweetwater (this is not a paid advertisement )