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    Wink Sweetwater Surf Shop

    Its nice to have a shop like Sweetwater in town.

    I'm by no means a local - I've lived here off and on for six years now. And maybe this is only an issue with older surfers. But I hate paying more than a dollar for surf wax.

    So, I walked into Sweetwater yesterday and put 2 bars of wax on the counter. The girl working asked me for $1. Idont know if she recognized me or she just knows how surfers like to be treated, I like to think it's a bit of both. But that simple gesture, told me that the shop appreciates my business. And more importantly validates the fact that Sweetwater is the first surf shop I go to when friends and family visit and want to buy surf stuff, clothes, gifts, etc. It makes it worth fighting to find a spot to park so you can get in the shop in the summer.

    Thank you Sweetwater (this is not a paid advertisement )

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    yea sweet water is the best. except when they sometimes hype up their surf reports so people come down and buy wax.

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    the wax racket is serious business.

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    wow thats a bargain. went to a shop over the summer to grab some wax. had $2 with me asssuming it would be more than enough. grabbed a bar and the guy says $2.25 please. what!!!!!! $2.25 for a bar of wax. they pretty much used to give it away.

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    Was out at Lake Michigan this summer- small waves- found a board stashed under a hobie cat - no wax. So after surfing with no wax- off to the local surf shop to pay almost $5 for a bar of zogs! They didn't recognize me as a local! Lol had to pay the price to surf the lakes!

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    Sweetwater..... sounds like a pimp name

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    Sweetwater and Surf City are my steez.

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    Sweetwater is definately the place to go if you know what you are looking for, or during the winter. Summertime is a nightmare and usually stocked with employees who are more interested in looking cool than being knowledgable, Tony used to be the bedrock of that place, but at least Jason is still there if you actually need something youre unsure about. It is however better than most places around and way better than anything on CB, and I live on CB and drive to WB to shop.

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    Charging too much for wax is like selling spoons at an ice cream shop. They at least know the only use for the stuff is it's intended purpose. Overcharging would get you a Wings/Eagles beach-ware store status...