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Nope, not what I suggested at all. Also, there were two separate shooting incidents, two separate LA Times stories, you're missing some details man. All I said was, "why does this have to be a conspiracy?"

I've been hearing a lot of, "the LAPD wants to kill this guy because he knows where all the skeletons are buried" chatter around here (meaning San Diego) all weekend long. I'm just saying that I don't buy into that conspiracy theory. I think that the LAPD wants this guy dead because they're pissed and scared. That's it.

In no way do I find the officers' response in either shooting incident justifiable or excusable. Just predictable.

And to clarify what I mean by predictable, "Bunch of scared, trigger happy cops are freaking out."
Thank you for the clarification, sure did sound like something else 1st go around. I'm sure they want this guy dead, but going around just shooting at random people won't solve anything. I'm just glad the random guy trying to catch some waves that morning is ok and will live to see another day. As for the cops, i'm not even going to say what I think here, it's not good though, i'll leave it at that.