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    he'd be better off phuckin a porcupine without a raincoat

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    With all do respect all I wanted to say was dumps is a second class wave
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    I'll throw a controversial one out there for discussion...

    S-turns...awesome wave BUT its usually just as good somewhere else and less crowded too...bold statement I know

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    the cove, on the right on the east coast. sorry.

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    Man! sarcasm doesn't come across on the forum at all. NJ guys say NJ surf sucks to keep people off their breaks and to bust on themselves; they are joking. If you look at their screen names you will see they are from NJ and proud of it.

    On another note, surfing in general sucks. Nobody cool is doing it any more. All the cool guys and girls are into competitive eating. Surfing is for losers. Nobody should ever, surf especially in and around CB... It never goes off. (Insert Emoticon showing sarcasm here)

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    Loch Arbor.
    Seriously. It is my favorite spot. Until a major swell shows up.
    Don't get me wrong, it's not a terrible spot, but there are better spots within a ten minutes drive that will be nearly empty while 100 Warm Water Warriors flock to LA jetty. And having 100 people there makes it terrible.

    Go home. Please.

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    the beaches are fine, the swells are overrated...

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    Delaware has the best breaks in the world! Booyah

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    congo4life.......shut up

    this thread is pointless
    and sam hammer is NJ barrel god u people obv havent seen him when its very large

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    All the semi-secret spots I surf within eyeshot of people surfing shoulder to shoulder are way overrated....