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    All of Rhode Island. Its simply terrible. Dont come here. Especially if Montauk is firing ann the summer people are gooning your break. Actually, everyone just stop surfing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkbug View Post
    15-20 years ago. It's a shadow of what it once was, barely recognizable...courtesy of ACOE.
    dont get me wrong im not sayin it goes off all the time....but its the best right i have ever surfed and i have surfed pea island rodanthe frisco and hatteras

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    all the east coast is pretty whack for the most part, i'd say the most over rated spots for me personally are the pumphouse(fla), ruggles (r.i.), and matunuck (r.i.). all are awesome when they go off but its not often. except matunuck which is a great spot and where i surf most often other than pt.J. just overloaded with longboarders and uri kids with super negative attitudes, which i guess i understand since the locals have to deal with a bunch of uri kids that are from my experiences pretty good surfers for the most part that show up at matunuck but just dont respect the line up. that always turns into a problem. not for anything i've been surfing since i was 7yrs old, 25 now, grew up in jupiter, fl and the waves change during different seasons, hurricanes and what not. some of my favorite spots dont exist anymore..havent surfed much in nj and nc but when i have its always been pretty awesome. nj isnt considered the northeast though, love the jettys at high tide nice shorebreaks