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Thread: Alana SI

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    WTF, when I was growing up all the girls that could surf looked like men and had no teeth. I don't think I could surf with her right next to me iI would be too distracting.
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    Surfing will never be the same! I can understand why no one wants to leave Kauai...would you wanna leave? She is smoking and she rips! They should had some pics of her paddling out...ridiculous!!

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    if it comes to light that her dad touched her in her no no places well..... I wouldn't say that I could blame him
    Awesome/epic statement

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    this thread should be a sticky

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    Totally hot photo of Alana! Yes SI should have more hot surfer girls in the swimsuit lineup!!
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    I am all for girls in the line up dressing like her, especially on those days where there's numerous waves in a set and they're duckdiving for like 45 minutes.

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    I get nipple rash just thinking about that

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    I'm not really on the Alana bandwagon. Sure, she's got a nice body for a barely legal clam but there's something about her face that just doesn't do it for me... at least in a "drop dead gorgeous" sense.

    What perplexes me is how on earth she made it back onto the Women's WCT. So far this year she has been knocked out of Round 2 in both the Burleigh Heads and now Newcastle Surffest. Both only 6-star events.

    Rip Curl would be dropping her like a bad habit if not for that ass.