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Thread: 3/2 or 4/3

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    since I'm a cheap bastard/poor college student on delmarva, i opted for only 1 suit - a 4/3 rip curl - that with a batwing hood, booties and lobster gloves ended up being about $400 total. Its the only suit I own and I used it all fall winter & plan on using it this spring.

    If you're on a budget I would recommend it rather than spending $600 and up on multiple suits & accessories

    Oh an if you're in the delmarva area its a good time to buy a rip curl 4/3 at chaunceys, they're 20 percent off.

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    i prefer a 3/2 trojan, 4/3 lifestyle and a 5/4/3 durex. stay covered suckers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPR View Post
    Im going to start to wear a 3-2 now. Also 4-3 can last all year. Anything above that is too much.
    We obiously do not go out on at the same time. to be comfortable you need more than a 4/3 in the winter.

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    Funny thing is when I was in High School all I had was an old hooded 4/3 and that was fine. Now that I've used a 5/4/3 I've become spoiled. I'm in monmouth county NJ too. It gets chilly here.