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    thats exactlly what i was thinkin!!lol..i never heard of a million dollar stick,but who would ride a board like that at pipe!!??its like buying a bently just to take to destruction derby.pipe breaks boards.personally if i was there(i wouldnt of even paddled out)but id use a series of old used beatup boards like i do around no pro,got no sponsors,i spend 700 on a board,and break it the first hour,id be pretty pisssed
    You don't ride the million dollar surfboard. The million dollar surfboard rides you.

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    this has got me thinking of how to make the cheapest surf board possible (as close to free as you can get) and then of course a surf off between the cheapest and the most expensive boards in the world.

    i was thinking chambered recycled cardboard, but i need some sort of free fabric to cover it, maybe old rice bags or something like that.

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    It's not the materials that make it expensive, he uses wood, you know, from trees.

    The rest of the surfboard industry rely on space age-ed high density foams and chemistry experiment glassing. Both of which are awful for the environment, and our health.

    I'm all about wooden boards, just not for $500000. I couldn't care less about the flex and displacement tails etc,