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Thread: Tomorrow

  1. i meant to say any*

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    check it early and sack up. need inspiration? think about the soldiers in Nova Scotia.

    if I lived in Jersey, I'd drive south. way south near the kewl lighthouses.

    i'm thinking of going north but its gonna be cold and windy. my mind's telling me no, but my body's tellin me yeahheeeyeahh

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    ankle slappers

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    and the flat spell continues...

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    Well let's see... Tomorrow you're looking at 40 degree water, 30 degree air, 20 degree wind chill, and completely flat surf conditions everywhere in New York and New Jersey. I'd personally take the day off but that's just me.

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    there were some pretty fun waves today in jersey. waist to occasional chest high. very windy

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    its showing flat for New york on monday February 18th but the buoy is reading 6.9 ft at 6 sec does anyone know if there will be any surf on monday? got no school for presidents day and got nothing else to do would love to surf

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    no surf today, monday in rockaway... but Ive gotten use to that...