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    Some decent looking waves for around here, not great but decent. It DOES get fun from time to time on the Gulf, you just have to know when / where and be there for the small window of opportunity that usually occurs. The temps were definitely cold that morning in the upper 30's / low 40's up until around noon when it started to warm up some, so a 3/2 would be sufficient for most, but I would not clown anybody for wearing gloves or a hood considering the WIND that day. I was on the E. Coast and traveling back home that morning or else I would have been out there. The rare day where the Gulf actually looked better than the E. Coast.

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    on a related note, I was camping in Mata Palo CR and talking about what surf was like in the NE of USA with some Ticos. About the gear I wear in winter and the pain endured getting flushed. They never experienced an ice cream headache from surfing. I had them plunge their heads in the cooler to get the experience. They were shocked to say the least.
    Thats hilarious! You cant tell me there wasn't severe drunkenness involved.