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    polypro's under wetsuit

    Hey whats up,

    has anyone ever worn polypropylene under their suits for some extra warmth? i only have a 4/3 which will last me around 2 hours in the winter, and am lookin to extend my time out a bit without shelling out money for a new suit...


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    You didn't have to start two threads, but yeah it really helps on those chilly days.

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    We are the only ones who know about Polypro. i would get a shirt if i were you. just act like it's a rash guard.....

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    I wear a Fbomb 5/4 which has that furry inside which keeps your skin dry. I've never used a polypro shirt under a wetsuit, but I guess the point is that it wicks away any water/moisture from your body. I'm assuming it would be overkill to put the polypro shirt on when wearing the Fbomb, as it would just add bulk and not do anything the suit isn't already doing.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, as I'm not sure I have a full grasp on what these shirts would accomplish.

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    I have a polypro rashie that I got at a surfshop on the west coast and it is the bomb.

    I also wear polarfleece socks under my 7mm boots--works great.

    When I'm feeling especially chilly, I wear long running thights beneath my suit and it seems to help a bit more than wearing just compression shorts or "manny panties" beneath it.

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    I have worn a military issue polypro(rfi, the ninja tights) top n bottom for the past three winters under my 4/3 in NJ. Ive been cold in strong winds but not until 2hrs in. Once the suit starts wearing out though polys become ineffective. I got 5/4 this year and im freakin melting, but its better than shivering when ur waiting for the last set.

    Mikey- Ive been procrastinating on socks for a while now and need them. I know of a UK site that sells surf specific ones but I dont like ordering stuff on line. Do you or anyone else know where to get them locally?

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    Can anyone answer my question above. Was wondering wear I might pick up "polarfleece" socks, maybe even throw out a brand name cause I have know idea which ones can be used under booties. Or maybe even pick them up and Ill just give you the money when you get here..thanks

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    Hyperflex Thermal Layering Poly Fleece Hot Socks

    I have them thin enough to wear in any bootie etc... helps getting the wetsuit and bootie off also, besides adding another layer of warmth. recommend highly, get most places online. Try the they have them for $19.99, with all good reviews. I swear by them.

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    I wear an Xcel polypro vest with attached hood under my 3/2. It works great. I have a good 3/2 (Xcel Infinity). This suit combined with the vest let me get out when water hits around 50. This has allowed me to just use two suits (5/4 and 3/2). I think the polypro makes my 3/2 similar to a 4/3 with the hood.

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    my mom gives me polar fleece socks for christmas every year. Yeah, i know, i'm over 40 and Mom still spoils me. thems the breaks being an only child. She gets them from LL Bean catalogue. . .