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    Ha..I googled em and LL Bean is where i'll be headed. Are they just a reg boot sock thats made from polyfleece material? cuz my mom might have gotten me a pair too, ill have to check the bin of random ass hats, sweaters and socks that she gets me for christmas every year.

    Beachkat, my attention span coincides w/ swell pattern, when it goes flat i forget i need socks, and wont remember again till the day before.

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    ya the poly pro helps a lot. all different kinds you can buy. i think one of the surf brands make a full body one. i spent the money on a oneil top and its no different from under armour - actually under armour seems better- it actually helps block the wind when i wear it with my 4/3 when sitting for a while... you can find under armour at tjmax or marshals for cheap- just get the one with the fleece feeling on the inside...

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    yes I have the full body one, and wear it under my 6.5.4 and can stay in long in winter... easy to get suit off as well.... also have the one with hood as said on thread for extra under anything without a hood, can mix and match depending on temps...