Alright everyone this is my first time posting so lets see if I can get some good advice. I am 27 and relocating to San Francisco for my job, actually Hayward CA 94545.

I don't know anyone there or really anything about the breaks, except that you won't catch me at Mavericks. I've read up a little on Ocean Beach and the HMB Jetty, but don't know too much.

I've been surfing for three years now and I can handle myself, I surfed the day before Sandy hit in LB. I'm not saying I'm Occy but I'm not a moron. To anybody from SFO who might not want to tell me the good spots to surf, understandably so, I am respectful.

Anyway my questions are 1. What neighborhoods should I look at near Hayward that I can be close to a break that I'll be able to surf consistently without being terrified of death, and 2 what breaks.

What I loved about LB NY was that I could do dawn patrol before work, and I would like to be able to do the same in San Fran a couple of times a week.

Appreciate it.