The only thing that really gets my goat is when bodyboarding doesn't get recognized as a serious form of wave riding and how what you can do on a sponge that can't be done on a stand up goes unnoticed. Guys boost on sponges on waves(in terms of size and heaviness) that can only be "made" on a stand up; all the slabs that weren't ridden until spongers were there, etc. I personally love the idea that I can get barrelled out of my mind on a 3-4 ft day. I disagree with the "natural progression" idea also, to me riding a wave on a sponge feels right, and I've ridden plenty a wave standing up, and will do so again when the conditions call for it, but will always consider my bodyboard as my primary vehicle. So anybody that claims they "want" to drop in, I say go for it, that s##t will eventually catch up with you.
@Scotty, I only get defensive when idiots try to debate factual information, such as proven demographical data. All this d$$k dragging speedbump stuff doesn't bother me. I only see you chiming in here to talk s##t and stir the pot, so go ride some river waves and stop whining about the current state of the SI forum.