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Thread: Robert Moses

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    Robert Moses

    tryin to figure out what the deal is with robert moses...been closed since sandy...anyone know if u can cross the bridge yet?

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    I read an article from mid december that they had just contracted repairs for the roadways across the bridge. I would guess since I haven't heard anything since and the website still says they're closed that they have not completed this yet.

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    still closed

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    Anyone else considered paddling across the inlet to check demos?

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    +1... who knows what Sandy did to Demo... I would really love to find out!

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    I heard on the thanksgiving swell it was packed with a lot of dudes using their boats or skies to get there. Source said that it held up to Sandy fine which is good news...cant wait to get back there. Every time I get onto ocean parkway I can see the damn siren lights blocking entree onto the second bridge. Even on the Saturday of Nemo there was a cop there posted up.. curious to look for new spots on diff fields though.