im having my local shaper make me a channel islands semi pro; basically exact same board at a fraction of the price, however there is a question i have- he wants to glass it 6oz, but i am not sure if that will make it less maneuverable or impossible to do airs on becuaase it will make it heavier. I would have it glassed 4oz for weight, ideally. What do you think? The board im getting is a 6 ft 1 inch, squash tail, wide point three inches behind center, slightly wider nose for mushy days, dims are 61 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4. There is a deep single concave into a vee in the back, plenty of rocker. Any thoughts on the board? Im trying to get it as a winter/fall/spring board, waist to overhead high. Im 6 feet tall and weigh 170, which is why i wanted to get a inch bigger than me (winter wetsuit weight). OVerall i want a loose, skatey board than i can do hard turns on and try to land some airs.
Any thoughts?