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    Monmouth County Today

    The size was better than expected this morning. I just got back and some chest high sets were rolling through. The current was a ***** and the wind was too strong. Conditions weren't perfect but caught a few nice ones which had some juice behind them. Anyone else get any?

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    Pre-dawn surf check looked really fun... waist to chest, with the bigger ones pretty much perfect hollow rights. Gotta wait till after work to get some though.

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    my friend and I debated making the drive to jersey this morning (from long island) but it just didn't look worth it. We're wave starved here though... i'll take anything that can get a decent line at this point.

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    Gansett is looking real nice on the WW cam right now!

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    Surfed Long Branch during lunch break. Solo seshy. Super fun rights. Pleasantly surprised by the size.

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    Surfed one of the most popular breaks this morning, empty due to cold and knee high predictions. While it wasn't exactly well formed waves, I got some nice ones that came in around stomach to chest.