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    spongers got no speed???

    funny vid of a surfer blasting past a dropin sponger...
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    it wouldnt be fair to compare nic von rupp to a sponger.that euro fever is legit and cant be fukd with.i remember many years ago jamie o brien took off behind mike stewart on a 3rd reef bomb,and jamie got spit out first followed by stewart.spongers cant pump like u can on a surfboard,but they do seems like any situation a sponger gets himself into,somehow always makes it out.theyll pull into a closeout and come shootin out the lip,do a 360 air and float away.i dont hate tho,riden a wave is what its all about,whether your riding a board,sponge,lunch tray or just bodysurfing

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    Finless bodyboard... why can't they do stuff like this?

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    I almost feel guilty, I can't help but want to drop-in on the d!<$ draggers. I don't out of respect for fellow wave riders, and I suppose there may be a few waves more suited to sponging, but for the most part they should learn to stand up! It's natural progression in my mind. I learned to ride and read waves on a bodyboard myself. 360, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Nic Von Rupp rips.

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    And Mike Stewart is a legend

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    another ..great..first post... with a join date of Jan 2013.

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    Of course it's gotta be busy at work when this comes up...I'll be back later to weigh in guy, maybe you don't have a d##k to drag...

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    Hiyooooo! I think it's the funniest term around for spongers, had never heard it before seeing a sign hanging on the fence at Pipe saying "No d!*& draggers!" Don't get so defensive, the speed thing is just physics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bungalowparkbob View Post
    Don't get so defensive
    you must be new to this forum. Getting defensive is the only thing keeping it alive

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    won't touch the sponger comment with a 10 foot pole, but hot damn that looks like a fun wave!