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    OCMD Surfer Statue

    Over the years there had been in OCMd a strong effort to erect a statue that was to honor a surfer who passed away in the area. A designated area and model were fashioned with donated funds raised.......the years passed and the effort continued, articles were written in the paper. Then it was announced that a benefactor had been found and the statue was nearing completion. and would be erected soon.
    Now years later----no statue,..the area where a sign designated the planned resting place gone,..where's the statue or the communities money for the project?

    Anyone know what's up?????

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    bump, i have been wondering this too

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    "The city has erected a memorial to the firefighters who lost their lives on September 11. This memorial is located on the boardwalk, about six blocks from the inlet. The memorial consists of a firefighter statue, engraved brick and stone, and a piece of one of the twin towers that collapsed in New York City. Ocean City is home to the annual Maryland State Firefighters Convention. This is a week-long event in June, that honors the states firefighters with events and contests at the Convention Center, and ends with a parade."

    Guess this was more important.......... Not something that happens year round in O.C.. (And I am not taking credit away from people who lost their lives on 911)