love that place. heavy too. last time i was there i was helping out the surf camp in esterillos and one of the customers (reminds me of yankee) demanded to surf waves with more power on his super expensive log. we all knew it was a bad idea but he b!tched up a storm so we took him to Tulin with the rule that if he broke his board the camp would not allow him a loaner. Sure enough, we pull up to the break and its like 4 feet overhead and spitting with steep drops. me and the camp owner paddled out with this guy but he wouldn't take anything. finally a shoulder presented itself and he tried to go. all i heard was a nice 'crack' followed by two pieces of yuppie board floating in the whitewater. We got the guy to the sand and paddled back out for some more pits. later the night at dinner the guy freaked out on us for allowing him to go out in such 'dangerous' conditions. The owner had enough and booted him with no refund. I found out later he got a room in Jaco and got serious butt raped by one of the local shops on a replacement board.

Is the pig farm still there just past the Tree? Always liked that spot too.