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    Skip both Jaco and hermosa. I'm sitting in hermosa now. It's been closing out for 3 weeks. Stay in where you are or go to dominical

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    Quote Originally Posted by liveones View Post
    Skip both Jaco and hermosa. I'm sitting in hermosa now. It's been closing out for 3 weeks. Stay in where you are or go to dominical
    The Point in Dominical is epic, and worth the drive. It is south of Dominical proper, which also tends to close out, but not as much as Hermosa. Jaco is a honkey tonk.

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    X2 for Esterillos. Esterillos Centro is similar to Hermosa (paddle out is worse though) and Esterillos Oeste is an easier point type wave. at least the outside is, there's an inside wave too.

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    Oeste has 3 sometimes 4 peaks and a small boat channel to the north if it's giant.

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    Esterillos on a big swell sounds fun. I only surfed the place when the tide was wrong elsewhere. There's another low tide spot that I won't name because I don't recall seeing anyone else mention it.

    In general CR is so friggen played out. I really enjoyed it my first time down there (11 yrs ago) but found it to be WAY too overrun by condo-owning gringo's the second time only a few years later. More than twice as expensive as it used to be and littered with petty theft and wise guys trying to sell dope. Sad, but I would go elsewhere...there's a few other countries down that way. Most of them have some good waves if you care to try.

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    There are over 100 surfbreaks in Costa Rica along two coastlines (Pacific and Caribbean) so you can always find an empty peak. Even right around Jaco are uncrowded lineups that you can score if you do a little searching or have some locals show you where. There is no 'bad' part of Costa Rica, unless you go looking for it - and then you'll probably find it. And compared to:
    Panama - has surf but you're driving hours from one beach to the next, and it's less consistent (and Santa Catalina, is usually packed if there is swell) Caribbean side can get pricey.
    Nicaragua - lots of driving to get to Popoyo and south, then either you're on a crowded peak or have to boat around to catch it (need the right tide, too). The resorts on this stretch are mostly expensive.
    El Salvador - Close from airport to La Libertad and Punta Roca, but the water can get polluted and the lineup is crowded. Las Flores is expensive and usually crowded, with only 1-2 spots to boat/drive to in between.
    Guatemala - Has a couple of breaks. Cheap and not too crowded but not the safest place.

    So overall Costa Rica is still the best deal for packing a lot of surfing in on a short trip. Hostels are still $10-12pp per night, too. And a vehicle rental is ~$50/day, and you'll find the most boards to rent in Central America in Nosara, Jaco, Tamarindo for ~$15-20/day.

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    If you want uncrowded surf in CR, be in the water at daybreak.