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    Wynn Resin-X biscuit/gravy back up for sale--5'8" modern fish pending for HD4.

    I've had a few pm's about rocker shots, etc. for the other boards so will be posting them up tonight.


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    Pic updates...bump to the top!

    Wynn HP Twin rocker shot (sorry for the slight angle) and bottom shot:

    Proton rocker shot:

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    Bump bump...

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    Wynn Resin-X Biscuit/gravy sold to a happy customer--enjoy it nic! Personal Modern Fish sale pending!!!

    Still some boards for sale...bump bump!

    CI Double Helix Proton 6'2"x 18 5/8"x 2 3/8"--$300
    Wynn Resin-X HP twin 5'11"x 19 1/4"x 2 3/8"--$175

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    Modern fish sold....bump bump!

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    Thanks for the board brother. My son will love it!!


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    No problems was good meeting you! Proton and Wynn still available!

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    CI Proton and Wynn fish still available...bump to the top!

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    will you accept any trades?