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    Roberts Surfboards

    Anyone riding one of his boards? Looking for some reviews
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    Yes, I have a black diamond and I really like it. The only reason I didn't say I love the board is because the word "love" seems to get throw around way to much when talking about surfboards, but I'm not here to talk about love. The black diamond is a fairly versatile board. I've had great days on it when its knee high and punchy as well as o-head. Robert Weiner (head shaper) was also named shaper of the year in 2011 by Surfing Magazine so I'd say you really can't go wrong with one of his boards. He actually shaped a board for Dane Reynolds back, in 2010 I think, called the white diamond. Dane used the board in the lowers pro and killed it, but ci got pissed at him for it. He told them if they made a board that worked that well, he would get rid of the white diamond. So sure enough Channel Islands shaped a board called the Dumpster Diver and the rest was history.

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    Great shapes, weak glass jobs. Get eps/epoxy if you want it to last. Or just go to a local shaper and ask for something similar to the shape you want.

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    black dump truck has worked from chest to double over head