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This reminds me of a similar situation when I was in high school. Surfing on a decent glassy day on the South End,one of the rare days the jetty breaks with solid wedges, with about 5 other folks I surfed with on the regular. All of a sudden some roided up kook with a buzz cut shows up on a ski (imagine NJShredmachine on a ski) and proceeds to try and ride the waves, weaving through all of us in the lineup.

Well, we started yelling at him then he proceeded to talk sh!t. Me and two other guys paddled up to him--one on each side and one right in front of him, I was on the kill-switch side of the ski. Guy on the other side pulled the dude by the lifejacket trying to pull him into the water while I grabbed the kill switch tether off his arm and off the ski then tossed it into the impact zone. Guy in front of the ski started pushing it towards shore while the beefhead tried to swim down the dude that pulled him in the water. Wave catches the ski and flips it upside down then pushes it up against the breakwall... a couple more waves come in, trash the ski in the wall and push it towards shore until it hit bottom.

We all paddled away from the guy as he was having a conniption and proceeded to laugh and watch him retrieve his ski only to realize he didn't have his kill switch key. The cops eventually showed up, wrote the dude a ticket then left... with the guy still stuck on the beach with a disabled ski.

Not necessarily condoning this solution, but it sure was funny--especially since the cops waved at us right as they were leaving. (Anyone who was around WB back then remembers Trey, coolest cop WB ever had)
And that's how you handle it if need be, solid.