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    well i mean in my 4/3 flash bomb im warm in it and im thinking that a 3/2 flash bomb plus could be just fine
    All of these questions about could I wear this wetsuit in that water temp are pretty pointless. Every body is different, with different tolerances for cold. A guy i know in Fenwick Delaware has surfed a bunch of sessions this winter in his 3/2 in water well down into the low-mid 40s. He's a big heavy dude and has a high level of tolerance for cold. Most of us would be back on the sand within 20 minutes shivering trying to surf a 3/2 in 50 degree water. But make it a hot sunny calm day in April and most of us could be fine in a 3/2 for two hours.

    Bottom line, nobody but you knows what the answer to your question is, and if your comfortable in the 4/3, then thats probably the right suit for the water temps your surfing in.

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    ok yea that does make perfect since

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    I used to see a big grizzly adams looking guy (Delbert was his name I believe) at the Hatteras lighthouse Feb.-Mar. with a seriously ragged long sleeve (mostly) spring suit. It looked like he regularly used it as traction to get his truck out of the sand. We were wearing boots/gloves. He seemed as happy as could be.

    Anyone from obx know if he's still around? On good days he'd paddle wayyy outside, turn around and tell the whole lineup to stay the f**k out of his way. Never saw anyone even come close to challenging him. Probably because they already had to walk by him drinking tall boy buds on their way to the beach. As far as he was concerned the lineup was empty and he couldn't care less if he dinged his board or drew blood. Good times...he was actually a pretty cool guy if you talked to him. Always the first to hoot you into a nice one if he couldn't catch it.