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    Wetsuit Zipper Repair

    my zipper on chest zip Xcel Drylock came undone today, zipper somehow came off teeth on one side when i was zipping it...suit is almost 2 yrs old so is out of warrantee... any advice on getting this fixed? thinking maybe local dive shop? or should i try to send back to Xcel anyway?<br /><br />paddled out anyway...some fun cold water flushes and lots of excess water in sleeves and gloves, but good session just teh same...

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    call Xcel even though its out of warranty most companies will repair it for free at least that has been my experience with Quiksilver and Rip Curl. You will have to ship it to them and you'll be w/o a suit for a month they only down side

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    sail/canvas loft will repair it.

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    i lost my zipper in beginning of winter, the paper clip in the picture lasted maybe 13 sessions already..quick easy and cheap.
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