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Thread: Fake-age

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    Anyone have any good experience with websites with good fakes? I've seen a few but still a little sketchy...

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    Good fakes?

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    they used to be so easy to find, but now everything was cracked down on. Good luck finding some! if you do find a good one please share

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    Fake id? In this age of internet monitoring, I wouldn't be openly requesting this sort of thing on a public forum. The gov takes this a lot more seriously then they used to, mainly due to homeland security BS. Back in the 90's, most ID's were still laminated paper, so we could carefully cut, remove, and change things. Now a days, ID's are printed on plastics with imbedded holograms. You pretty much need a printer, similar to the one used by the DMV, just to make a simple fake.

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    id chief was one of the most reliable until it got down...

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    bro, bro. Here is what you do. Find someone who is 21 (not 30 because they don't have time for your sh*t) that REMOTELY looks like you and offer him a fifty for his ID. Helps if you know them... Dont be cheap, you are sending a man to hell and back (the DMV). It doesn't have to be prefect, I was a 6'4 28 year old for most of my late teens (I'm lucky if im 6' with shoes on). Oh but the point, there is no substitute for the real thing, the halogram, the bar code, etc.

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    Lee speaks the truth. Just get the hair / eyes and the rest will fall into place.

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    Yeah, because it's awesome and totally un-selfish to jeopardize some poor sap's business, livelihood and that of his employees and their families in your effort to be totally awesomely cool and all counter-culture idontgiveafuk about your stupid laws because I know better self.