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    Me and my buddies like our seaspecs. We don't have a problem with fogging up. You see better without glasses, but then your eyes get radiated. A local surfing legend died of eye melanoma this year, from years of surfing. You gotta decide what's most important to you.

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    I've worn the Dakine hat during mid-day surfs in CR and, you're right Gaffer, it's annoying in decent-sized surf.
    On the other hand, gringo skin like mine is no bueno in the cooker sun the first couple days, so the lid helps.
    Just another trade-off. Like Betty said: what's important to you.

    Sea Specs: tried 'em for east coast DP.
    Sometimes they fog & sometimes they don't. (Depends what I'm thinking about.)
    But after the sun is up, they're a hindrance.

    Just for the helluva it, I coated the outside of the Sea Specs lenses with RainX; it actually helped the beading.

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    I prefer a welding helmet with a #10 lens, its a multipurpose thing, saves your eyes and its really good head protection....

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