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    Went to the emergency room with it on.A year and a half later I had to go to the hospital and the girl at the desk remembered me.

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    My friend took a dump in his suit....and then surfed his whole heat of a contest with a **** filled suit. I guess when you gotta go you gotta go

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    No dumps taken in the suit. Not even when hungover (in my younger, drinking days). Honestly, this makes one very wary of ever again buying a used wetsuit. I'm 7 months into surfing, so much of my of past experiences with wet or dry suits has been when SCUBA diving. I did purchase a used Quicksilver 4/3 suit with back zipper last fall. I'm 57, so my flexibility is not the greatest. For awhile, I had problems zipping it up on my own, and I'd embarrassingly have to ask other surfers or passersby for an assist. Some of these were young gals who perhaps didn't feel threatened by this nutty, mid-life crisis, old codger trying to surf. Had I been young and single again...
    You younger guys, if you haven't done so already, might want to try this, as it can serve as a great ice breaker. You get the questions: "Aren't you cold out there?". "It is hard to surf?" "Aren't afraid of sharks?"...etc. Much more sharable stories and potentially fonder memories than that last big dump I took in my suit.

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    Zipper jammed after a couple hours in the one around. Got pulled over on the way home and the cop thought I was high because my eyes were red from a mild red tide bloom. DUI test in the middle of some fairly heavy traffic was about as humiliating as it gets.