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    New wetsuit doubt about neoprene quality

    Hi everyone! I just brought home this wetsuit, it' s my first wetsuit ever and I need your opinion. The neoprene on the inside presents some smooth and soft areas and some rougher ones, as you can see in the picture. At the shop I tried a 3/2 and then switched for this 4/3 without trying it on since it was the same model. Needles to say that the 3/2 felt super soft while this rougher patches feels a little scratchy on my shoulders skin.
    So am I over worrying and some inhomogeneity in the neoprene is normal or I got unlucky a picked a already sore wetsuit?
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    First - by buying locally at a shop, you can always go back with it and compare it to one on the rack.

    Second, you may just need to wear a rash guard under it.

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    I still can do it but since I wanted to surf with it today I was curious if it's something to be considered normal or definitely a fabrication defect. It's a quicksilver synchro gbs cz.

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    it's the different density of neoprene and/or different materials used on different portions of the suit. once it gets wet it'll all be soft.