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    the mountain between Jaco and PH

    The guy that used to own the property would cut a path up and allow people to drive it. Coming from PH you'd turn right, thru the fence, right where you'd start the incline. In 93 or 4 we rented a Dihatsu diesel 4x4. the thing would climb almost straight up. we discovered it after closing the disco. the path was the width of a bulldozer blade, straight down on one side and straight up on the other. We topped the first part and a big cat ran in front of us and jumped off. we stopped and shined a lite and it was an ocelot looking critter a guy said was a caucel (caw cell) a little further a black cat ran in front. it took several hours but we ended up across the hiway from the last entrance to Jaco before the incline.

    The next year we had a piece of crap push button 4x4. we got up at 5 and went back. we went up to the first incline and it was blocked by a land slide. I was backing down when I saw what was another path. I started down and it turned out to just be a clear decline to a flat section of land next to a river. we hung out and saw Pavones and heard rustling of the brush. I had to do a 40 point turn to get the 4x4 turned around. had zero running room. got up 1/3 of the way and the engine died. I told the wife to get up and we'll get it out or pay the deductible. we didn't bring water but we had 60 feet of rope. we tied it to the bumper then cinched around a tree. I'd rev it up, holding the emergency brake, pop the clutch and get up about 10 to 15 feet before death. my buddy would tighten the rope, put a log behind the tire and tie to another tree. had to shut it down because it was overheating and I heard the wife yelling "Shoo! Go away" I asked what was going on. she said "Monkeys! Lots of monkeys" I told her to get down here, she said she'd deal with the monkeys instead. we finally got out.

    The next year the wife was more eager to go back up. we had a trooper and 200 feet of 1/2 nylon rope. we went up again around midnite. new path, this time with fabricated bridges. The 4x4 had no problem going up, but going down, the vehicle wouldn't slow when brakes applied due to thick red clay sticking to the tires. I suggested turning around. The wife wanted more tales to tell her work mates and we continued on. I'd get out and cut treads with the machete when we went down. we finally got to a steep incline and the trooper had no problem until I rounded a curve at the top and there was no more road and no turning space. I had to back down at 1 or 2 am. I applied the brakes and kept sliding. I turned into the up part of the path to stop. we used the 60' of rope my pal had to fabricate mud chains.

    My buddy didn't have shoes so I had to tie my roape to the truck frame, crawl the up side of the road and cinch around a tree. the wife walked with a light shining towards the down side. I had to tie off 3 times before we got to a turn around spot.

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    Sounds like you are high.

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    What are you talking about dude? You are telling this story as if I should have a clue as to where this is, why you were trying to offroad through there, why it was at night, etc, except I have not a clue.

    Stop smoking so much reefer.

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    Bourbon....taking its toll.

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    If you don't know where Jaco is then this story isn't for you. Those that do, then recognize PH as Playa Hermosa. You should have at least gotten the relation between 4x4 and mountain but not realized the danger of crawling into the Jungle in the middle of the night. I don't drink, so of course weed was involved.