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    WRV Coil vs Firewire

    Buying a new board, and I can't decide between a WRV Coil or a Firewire Alternator. I have heard great things about both. Any advice, suggestions? Has anyone owned either of these? Right now I am leaning towards the WRV.


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    Fire Wire

    yea so i just recently demoed a 6'3 firewire alternator and i'm 6' 160. its a sick board becuase the firewire have the stringers on the sides molded to the rails. And in keeping the stringer away from the center it gives it amazing flex. Perfect for me at least but it should be the same for most. I also admire the coils as a travel board because the durability but i find that they dont have as much flex as the firewires. But still i'm not knocking on wrv they got sick boards but in that decision i'd have to choose a firewire

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    have a firewire love it...

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    anyone know where the FNMOC website went

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    not sure the use of the FNMOC maps anymore - when you have the Swellinfo wave maps.

    the navy FNMOC transitioned to the same wave model physics as NOAA wavewatch, which is the core of the Swellinfo model. FNMOC used to use a different wind data source, called the NOGAPS, but I dont think they do that anymore.

    Your better off using the Swellinfo data.