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    Extra 6mm wetsuit?

    Anyone in the Connecticut/Rhode Island/New York/Massachusetts area got an extra 6mm wetsuit they want to let me borrow/buy cheap for the upcoming swell this weekend?

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    I have an old O'Neill Psycho II 6/4 size M you can have for free if you want to come to NJ and pick it up. It's gotta be about 8 or more years old, but it was only worn a handful of times. It was always too warm for me.

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    i stupidly bought an ultimate elasto rip curl 6 mil.more like restricto.

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    If you don't have a suit I'm going to assume you haven't surfed all winter? I don't think it is a good idea to paddle into overhead surf if you not only have not been surfing but aren't used to the extra 50 pounds the suit adds..
    Just my 2 cents and why I and many others didn't surf the doomsday swell.

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    I surf in southern nc and obx. Ive been on it all winter. I hit R.I. over december for the doomsday swell, but i was borrowing my friends 6/5. Hes out of town and all i got is a 4/3 with holes in it. Fine for warmer southern temps but def not good for up here. Extra rubber weight doesn't bother me as much as cold