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I think (and hope) you're wrong about "the horse being out of the barn" as far as manufacturing returning to the US..
I hope you're right! It drives me crazy that we import so much from over seas. Especially things that I can't fathom could be cheaper to produce on the other side of the globe then shipped here.

For example, we had a turkey fry a few months ago and I was looking at the box the fryer came in. Made in china.

How the hell is it cheaper to stamp an aluminum pot and build a simple stamped metal stand in china.
Then ship it to an exporter.
Then load it onto a cargo ship.
Then transport it across the pacific.
Then unload it in Calif.
Then inspect the container.
Then load it in a truck.
Then unload it in a warehouse.
Then load it in another truck.
Then truck it across country.
Then unload it at Home Depot.

Arkansas is our top alum. producer and Pa. is one of the top steel producers in the US. Why can't they do the same thing at a much cheaper cost??? I'm sure someone has an answer but they'll never convince me. Hell, I just ordered 100' of paracord. Cost $10.50. Weeks later I get the package with a f'kin US customs inspection sticker on it.