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    Ladies yoga and surf retreat

    Thought I would share this with the swellinfo community. A couple of awesome local women are running a yoga/surf trip for ladies in Costa Rica in July. Could be fun for some of the female swellinfo members or some of the guys might want to treat their lady friends! Pretty cheap for one of these trips too. Check it:

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    Wow this sounds awesome! Anyone going or know someone who is going? I might need a roomate. The rates aren't bad at all!

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    I'll room with you. Tuanis!

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    Can I volunteer to be a yoga mat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
    Can I volunteer to be a yoga mat?
    Oh you downward facing dog, you!!!

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    Ha ha. You guys are crazy

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    Who are the local women leading the retreat? Just asking because I went with some 'local" women on a surf trip to Hawaii and the girls were way too uptight for me.

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    Def not uptight girls. They actually live in my neighborhood. I would describe them as super laid back, fun, travelers, etc. mid thirties I think. I hung out with them in Puerto Rico and Escondido and it was super fun

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    If you wanted some CR yoga, your best bet is Tierra de Milagro in Matapalo. THE break is a short walk away, and Pan Dulce, the beginners course isn't far either. We stayed there for free after I fixed their commercial range. really nice "bungalos". The wall's are wasted high due to some sort of eco construction code, so they have 7' hedges surrounding the hut. It's right out in the jungle. big cats, fer du lances, peccaries, and pesotes everywhere. those pesotes look lovable but a friend that lives on the other side of the mountain said they're the devils pets. everyday they would come in his yard and rip a chicken apart for fun. His dog chased one and it laid on it's back in a submissive posture. When the dog came up for a sniff it ripped the dogs throat up. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!

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