""It was bombing this day and one of the best days of surf I've ever had to date," Adam Bartoshesky said. "Nothing like some good ole' chocolate barrels and ice cream headaches. For some reason no one was to be seen this day, and my buddy and I surfed two marathon sessions pretty much all by ourselves. I pulled out my camera between sessions for literally 15 minutes and was able to snap this gem before I was throwing my wetsuit on and frothing to get back out there." Photo: Adam Bartoshesky

The first sentence says it all.....

Seriously, Surfline needs to get a clue and interview REAL LOCAL RIPPERS AND THOSE THAT TAKE PICTURES OF THEM.

SURFLINE HAS NO CREDIBILITY, IMO,.. for most anything East Coast related.

Obviously, i'm sick of seeing write-ups that that have no truth to them and that in no way represent OCMD or DELMARVA accurately.