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    probably because no one gives a **** about OCMD or DELMARVA because one is a specific location with generally **** surf and the other consists of multiple states all of them with gernally **** surf
    ^^^Potential candidate for Surfline feature writer. Heard it "gernally" doesn't pay that well.

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    I would argue that we surf more then most, on the east coast, regardless of the ****ty conditions,..... you speak of.

    Brah, you live above the Mason-Dixon. So please be quiet and just enjoy the swell you get,..just about all you got up there, true?

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    Xgen is mad that surfline doesn't want pictures of middle aged men on a boogie board.

    Seriously though, what's the big deal? I'd rather have zero exposure. You already see more knuckheads showing up to check out certain sides of inlets.
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    you know this was a setup right? do you not think i knew the knives would comes out? so weak.

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    skeglegs, more like you are pissed NO one, besides Mitchell has ever bothered to take a pic of you. Your funny.

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    got anymore?

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    Rage more and learn to take a joke.

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    good times huh?

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    In all honesty it was pretty much a ghost town, I surfed elsewhere Wed, but even Thursday morning on the fading part of the swell there was only a dozen people out even at midtown.

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    "but even Thursday morning on the fading part of the swell there was only a dozen people out even at midtown."

    and this is true. Hence it sure would be nice if maybe Surfline would get some names and numbers of some of those that are on it ever time! >>>>>this is what i got a "beef" with.

    teddy Smith, Seth, Waldo, crap...waldo lives right on the street there. Drew, Jamie, Bill H, Etc, etc. I thought this was the social media generation? Just so many great people out there, always, out there.

    Hell, that 70th st crew gets out more then most, don't they? Skeglegs?

    I'm all about giving people there due. Do/have I not posted FREELY? many of the best sessions? So please do not get it twisted.