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    Surfline is actually pretty awesome and IMHO does a good job covering the East Coast whenever we get decent swells (which is infrequently comparatively).

    Did you want them to put an asterisk or something next to the photo saying that "while it is pretty empty today Xgen70 and his crew usually boogie board here?"

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    I just wanted to get you fired up, I enjoy your ranting, didn't expect this to turn into a serious discussion!

    In all honestly surfline is just one big adverstisement. Their D list pros come through, they post some pics, get's whoever has a sticker on their board and pays to upkeep surfline happy. Hell, we all watched Vince grow up and realize he's better than 90% of the east coast 'pros', yet the kid has to drive himself cross country with the hopes of getting some kind of exposure. The best word to describe the surf industry, hell the surf world as a whole, is incest. You have to be on the inside to ever get anything.

    It is cool to see Nick getting pictures up though, although most of the time it seems to be lineup shots.

    And to the ding-dong above, Xgen does have a valid point, there is as much talent out at an average day in midtown than any other premier break on the east coast.
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    for the record, of those mentioned, i am the only one that uses a body board. Swim fins alone is more then ok as well, depending on.,, shooting conditions.

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    true that, "serious discussion",, I just have fun with the rants anymore.

    Me and my, "first world" problems.

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    And for the record, more people than Mitchell would take pictures, I'm just not photogenic with that sea anchor of a bulge, it distracts from my mediocre turns.