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    Nassau Bahamas Surfing

    Hello everybody. So I am going on a trip with my family to Atlantis and it appears that we are going to have a big swell that is forming in the Atlantic. The report on this site is calling for 5-6 foot and offshore conditions. This was meant to be a relaxing vacation, but like any surfer all I can think about is if there will be waves there. Of course, with my luck, there are. I feel as though I was meant to surf these waves. HOWEVER, I cannot bring my board... Does anyone know of any surf shops or rentals of surfboards or even a boogie board for that matter. I just want to enjoy my vacation as any surfer would! Riding waves in paradise...

  2. Atlantis is cool. The breaks are pretty bunk though. the swell is mega filtered and the reef setups arent anything more than a short ride before a closeout. Fun island though. Have fun!

  3. "back in the day we would ride our bicycles from nassau over the bridge to the there is the atlantis(ridiculous)hotel all over the beach with lifeguards that say "no surfing",so we go by boat now!but they legally cannot stop anyone from surfing or walking along the beach according to bahamian law.the break is located off of the cove atlantis hotel.they wont allow u to walk through the hotel,so u will have to go to the public access which is located next to riu hotel.when u reach the beach head west(left)along the beach until u reach the end.u will see a canal with a small bridge .cross it and keepgoing west for 5 minutes more and ur there!if the lifeguards try to stop u tell them that u live at the western end of the island and ur going home.or tell them that u know bahamian law that states that ur allowed to cross any shoreline up to the high water mark(storm surge level)anywhere in the bahama islands" that's how to get to the break

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    Just a word of advice. I've spent a ton of time in the Bahamas for offshore fishing purposes. Don't get in a pissing match with local lifeguards/police, especially in the Bahamas. It isn't America, and they'll throw you in jail and let a judge, when he feels like getting around to it, decide if you are guilty of anything. Rude tourists that act like they own the place don't get the benefit of the doubt.

    Best bet is like anything. Be polite, ask a few locals, do some research. If there is a surf shop on the island, i bet it has a website. drop in and ask about breaks.

    With all that said, Nassau has a very narrow swell window. Search a little on the north side of the island, and hopefully you find something. possibly find someone with a boat to take you east out to the reefs connecting nassau with spanish wells.

    Good luck, and don't be an ass. they won't think twice about throwing you in jail.

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    2 that quote off another web site...geez really....fins369, good advise, when you go out of the country don't be an a$$ola, just my 2 cents

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    When I was there several years ago there was a huge Atlantic storm and the reef in front and the length of the beach in front of Atlantis was lit up. It looked big and barrelling. We chartered a boat and drove around and the inlet area was perfection, chest to head high and really fun. I didn't surf but was sitting in the boat in awe at the perfect waves going unridden.

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    Don't worry guys, wasn't planning on picking any fights with local officials! Just trying to get a surf in. I've done a little research and it seems as though there is a place that sells body boards (unsure of quality). As much as I wish there were surf rentals there, it appears I will have to resort to that. It looks like we are getting a solid 4-6ft long period swell from the NE which is right within the islands swell window. Winds are forecasted to be SE-S and offshore. I'm excited, but I'm hoping its not too much of a difficult task to get in the water!

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