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    Question Firewire El

    Thinking about getting this board and was wondering if anyone would post what they have found riding this.

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    i have the 5'9 fuego it's been my go to shortboard for almost 3 years now. paddles great, turns smooth, rides skatey, and gets exhausting to duck dive after a while. great board.

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    Ton of fun..I rode one as a tri for a while but switched to the quad and had a hard time riding anything else. I have a 5"5 and rode it in overhead surf like a champ.

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    Thanks...think I will pull the trigger on this. Appreciate the info.

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    Have a couple of FW boards...after I snapped one on a chest high day I dont think I'll ever buy one again. They just have too much flex, so they lack longevity of a well glassed regular board...