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    Kicked out of sandy hook

    So last week i was doing my monmouth county beach tour....i was def overhead and looked kinda fun but heavy paddles....most guys spent more time on the inside than outside.....everywhere looked a little wonky ...started in squan (shoulda just stayed(a lesson i've already learned))....checked sp...looked good but too much water...blah blah....mb looked pretty legit but it was completely empty

    i have 2 kids now and wasn't super keen about solo surfing overhead detonators mid winter.....i was pretty tempted but said ...hey let me go check the hook

    yes i'm aware no cars were allowed in....i figured park at gators, suit up, and start walking till someone tells me not too......i passed the park ranger on the thinking **** yeah im in.....made it all the way to the cove...prob a mile or so....empty 3 to 4 perfect peelers.....yes...**** yeah....too good to be true......

    It was...whoop whoop whoop here they come now sirens blazing two trucks....these dudes were pissed.....

    They asked how i got there...told them i walked right past them

    they asked if i saw the beach closed sign...i said yes the beach is always closed all winter but they allow surfing so wtf

    they asked if i wanted a ticket....i said no

    i asked for what...the said trespassing on federal property

    i asked why they didnt stop my near sea bright ...they said they didnt see me....i told them they weren't doing there job very well then

    i ?d if i paddled in or kayaked in and never touched sand would that be ok....they said no vessel is allowed within 500 ft of the beach...i said show me that is writing

    they got more pissed....i ?d if anyone can really govern the area below the high tide water mark since i literally walked in the water the whole repsonse

    they advised a ticket would not be issued if i left immediately and i was lucky to not get one.....i was getting the hint but still i really sick of this ****

    they said the park would re open may 1st and i could surf then....they then had a 5 minute discussion if they could give me a lift back to seabright....they said my board would not fit.....i told them they drive an expedition and there was 2 trucks....they told me to be quiet...i told them i was just gonna hike it back out myself....then they insisted i get in there car....i explained i have wet stinky booties on and brazilian surf wax which isnt the easiest thing to remove from vehicle wasnt too stoked on watching 5 dudes try to decide if giving me a ride was even an option......there is no way im getting in the back of a cop car unless im arrested nawmean

    i did ly to them though...i told em i walked in last week no prob...they said good for you sometimes they don't catch ya but if they catch ya twice def gettn a ticket so prob not a good idea to try it again

    but if you haven't gotten your warning yet maybe give it a go

    went back to was good...never leave good waves

    i played the jersey beach access game and lost ****ing time using the kayak...parking offshore and they can paddle out if they want to have a discussion...see ya out there

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    ...awesome. Thanks for posting this.

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    Never leave waves to find waves.

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    Go home with the chick you brought to the dance. Cops are so dumb sometimes.

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    How much woulve the ticket cost? Might've been worth it to paddle out. What cretins!

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    You should write a Screeching Weasel/Propagandhi style punk rock song about it. 1 minute or less long. I'll play drums.

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    That ticket would be a Federal trespassing charge. That's not one you want to collect, Federal Judges have very little sense of humor about that sort of thing.

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    I was on the sea wall at Gators the other day gazing up to hook wondering if the cove was accessible and if anyone was on it. Completely empty clean Cove is a dream. That Thursday swell was probably PERFECT for it...I contemplated doing the same thing. Good on ya man, shame you got shut down before you hit the water.

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    Gaiters to the Cover is a good mile and a half at least. That's a long walk.
    How did they get up there if the roads are closed? I heard the roads are completely gone, washed away..Was it breaking good? Like the old days where there is actually a point?
    It was messed up for a long time after sand replenishment.

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    Last time I surfed there, not long before Sandy, it wasn't at all what it used to be. Still a good wave, but a shadow of it's former self. All the replenished sand from beaches south has found it's way into the cove, and changed it... possible forever. As long as they keep pumping to the south, migration to the north is inevitable. Look at the tip of the Hook, right at the rip, for the ultimate result of 18 years of pumping. The roads are pretty much still in tact... the bike path is gone in places, and many of the structures are gone or damaged. May 1 we'll all see for sure... that's in about 54 days.
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