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    Was thinking of walking to the cove to see how it changed. After many a moonlit surf last summer, I kind of miss that place.

    Still considering doing this. Maybe go at dawn when the rangers are presumably not patroling the beach.

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    Wanted to see how major the changes to the cove really have been through the years and since sandy. This is the same place, with the picture taken from the exact same location, just 17 years apart.

    The second picture is interesting. This picture is from low tide after Sandy, where it appears that the Cove has gotten worse.
    The third picture, however, is a different story. This picture is of high tide. You can see in this image that all of the areas where sand filled in all the way up the hook where the jettys once were, and the Cove made a point, have begun to wash out. You can see the water breaching behind the beaches, making small "sand bar" type barrier islands, with outflows. This is consistent all the way down the hook.
    More major storms will cause this to worsen, eventually turning those barrier islands into underwater sand bars.

    If no replenishment is done, we may actually see the return of this spot.

    March 1995, The Cove

    November 5, 2012, Low Tide
    November 1, 2012, High Tide

    edit: ignore the picture on the left of each, that is my wallpaper, for some reason my computer thinks I have two screen and my print screen also took a picture of my background.
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