I was just reading post about ranger giving tickets in NJ. In NC they'll cuff you and haul you away. Especially at Oregon inlet.
I was out there in my 4x4 with a friend, from OBX, in his. no waves so we went under the bridge. the sand was hard so we didn't lock up. there were tons of conch shell all over. We were cruising side by side, and both saw a giant shell at the waters edge sticking with the big end straight up. My bud turned and sank right up to the body is soft sand.
This good ol boy in a monster truck pulls up and gets out with a beer in his hand. We told him to get rid of it before a ranger sees. He said it was legal. A ranger was coming, so the guy puts the beer in his truck. Ranger stops, walks around peeping in every truck, not saying a word. the guy finish hooking up and asked the ranger if he could pull my bud out. the ranger never said a word the entire time.
The big truck effortlessly yank it out. The guy gets out expect attaboys but instead was handcuffed and driven away for drinking and driving, and having an open container.

Remember, OI is part of hiway 12.