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Thread: Sunday

  1. Sunday

    Does anyone think that Long Island will be alright tomorrow on sunday? I know today was good but will the winds be soft enough since they're onshore to surf tomorrow?

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    early morning is the call right now.

  3. also, i've been looking at the cams and it looks a lot smaller than 5-8 at rockaway. I thought I might break my board on the wood posts like i did last time because of the size and also i just thought it was too big to be fun for me so i didnt go, but it only looks 3-4 realistically

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    if you watch the cam long enough you're going to see some big bombs come through. I don't think right now is the right time to go. I'm waiting for low into high this afternoon. which brings me to tomorrow... by the time the afternoo rolls around it will be junky so you'll have to take what the early morning is going to give us.

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    i think swellinfo is way overcalling

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    Long beach was 4-6 ft clean and fun

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    It was about shoulder high this morning, if that, in Central Florida. Will go out tomorrow a.m. But I doubt it will be as big as the forecast of 8-10.

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    Gilgo was firing with head high and well overhead high sets... Got some bombs in between getting worked on the inside. Im thinking tomorrow will be around head high with a nice long period. In fact the buoy currently reports swell period at 16 secs!!... MFitz has got a point about the winds coming up, so get on it as early as possible to avoid those closeouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swell5 View Post
    i think swellinfo is way overcalling
    Swellinfo overcalled it? They undercalled it.

    I would suggest getting off the internet and actually look at the ocean. surfed 2-3 hours at Roosevelt Ave in Long Beach. It was easily head high, with well overhead sets. and then there would be a bomb set come through every now and then.

    While that is just my subjective opinion, here is some objective, scientific proof. Swellinfo forecasted a 5 foot swell. Buoys were between 7-8 feet all day, with a long period.

    But please, stay in your mom's basement, looking at swell cams, and telling us how small it was.

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