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    Post Better Your Shredding

    Four easy guidelines to improve your surfing - Stetching, Exercise, Surfboards, Watching Others.

    This thread is a Discussion in response to the following Swellinfo news Article

    This article was submitted to the Swellinfo Surf News section on April 22, 2008

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    Stay Fit

    This is some good info , especially since i just strted surfing Swellinfo should have more of these articles available.

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    Joe Knows

    No doubt Joe knows what hes talking about. Listen to the man cuz you will improve your groove.

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    Awesome article. Finally, some good wholesome knowledge from an experienced and genuine surfer. Over the last couple years I've taken most of these core tips to heart and they've dramatically improved my surfing. Being open minded towards your surfing and maximizing your time in the water is the key to progression and satisfaction.

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    stretching on a Swiss ball? what does that mean? i know what a Swiss ball is, but I never stretching using one. you don't need anything to stretch except for a clean floor and maybe a yoga mat/carpet.