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    Rockaway 30s - 50s

    Hey all, I've been out of NY for the past 2.5 years and am headed back soon. Haven't surfed the Rockaways since Sandy. Has anyone been out between Beach 30th and 50th since the storm? I know the bottom in infamous for having a lot of junk on it (see NOAA chart 12350 where an offshore dumpsite is marked). I'm curious as to how much of that crap got churned up by the storm and deposited in the breaks.

    Thanks in advance!

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    im not sure about the 30's-50's but 67 and 90 has normal water cleanliness if thats your question. 67 is close enough to 50 for the water to be very similar

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    Swell? Sandbars? Water quality? Tell me what you're looking for, and I could probably tell you a little something.

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    I think he's talking about debris and objects. To that I'm not sure. Don't surf downtown.

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    I surfed 39th street (last jetty) this past Thursday, and I'm not sure I'd do it again. BIG cinderblock (or something concrete) in the inside section. The last few times I surfed there that were pre- sandy I bashed my knee on something metal and ripped my spring suit, and I snagged my leash on what I'm guessing was a completely submerged piling. Old timers say there's a car and a washing machine to watch out for at low tide... 50's sandbars aren't that great, tried it Saturday, it just dumps, and you have to be careful of the usual pilings.
    Best bet- 90th. More and more crowds in 60s past few years. Surf schools blew it up big time. 20 guys out last jetty in the middle of winter on a good swell.

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    That sucks you can't even get waves to yourself in the winter. It's the one great time to be a surfer in new England in my opinion.

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    Thanks for the answers guys, especially attackkat13. I knew the junk on the ocean floor made the 39th area pretty sketchy, and was hoping that Sandy didn't make it even sketchier (ie more random metal and concrete stuff littering the ocean floor). I'll definitely approach with some trepidation.

    The crowds are precisely the reason I was asking about 39th+, I was hoping that between all the dumped junk and the vacant lots that the area would keep some of the 60s and 90th crowds at bay.

    Anyway, see you all in the lineup.