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    twin fin models and shapers

    I am probably going to buy a twin fin fish for those mushy summer days. I am thinking about the Firewire version but i am not sure i will like it. I have no idea what to look for in this type of board. Any suggestions in what to look for or what brands/shapers are best for new jersey surf.

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    Post your weight, height, age, level of ability, years in the water and what type of surf you want the board to perform in.
    All of these are important in selecting a board.

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    140lbs, 5'8, 17, usually one of the best out at my break, 7 years in water, i am looking fir a board that performs well in the mushy 1-2, 2-3 ft summer days in New Jersey. I am looking for a twin fin fish.

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    "Any suggestions in what to look for or what brands/shapers are best for new jersey surf."

    Look into some local shapers, they ride the same surf as you and you'd be supporting a local industry...

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    flat rocker for speed. twin is good but a quad could be just as effective. i am 190 i like to ride this lil 5'0" twinny rick. nice and thick. so you could ride a tiny lil thing also. but i ride that board for a change in style...not waves. you mentioned smaller days? but that is all the time. look at a new board for a new perspective. waves are what they are and it is what it is. you need to ride a different board "differently." i have fun on any board as long as i dont expect something out of it. you find out what works with the shape and then perfect it. get a lil used fish and surf it on big northeast, clean lil souths, ground swells. look at the quiver rasta rides. he rides 4'10" skim board looking things in pumping hollow surf. david rasta quoted "ride a new board for a new perspective, not to enhance your capabilities!" that says it all. find one you like, don't ask questions go surf it and make up your BS about what it does. my favorite surf shops are the ones where people leave me the F**k alone. i just look at boards, sometimes buy one, sometimes go to my bay and shape one..and always check the used rack. people sell their new boards not because they don't work but because they need "pot or beer" money, or they didn't give the board an honest attempt because they think are andy irons.

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    Scott Busbey shapes In The Eye surfboards.
    He shapes excellent twin fin fish.
    Natural Art Surf Shop.

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    The firewire idea sounds kind of stupid to be honest. Did someone actually suggest buying a firewire twinnie for your first fish for mushy summer waves?

    Local shaper, flat rocker, short and wide board. 5'8" is about as big as i would go. Dont buy a huge KG thats 3" thick. NJ beachbreak isn't Malibu. I would avoid getting carried away with huge keel fins running parallel to the stringer...thats more of a fast down the line fin set up.

    Small waves, small fins. Especially for a small guy like you. Although small fins for a twinnie will still be bigger than normal shortboard fins. 5 1/2" - 6" base is big enough.

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    where can i see one of these boards. I live in new jersey and am not willing to drive down to north carolina for a board that I know nothing about. is there a website where i can view it. I googled it but found nothing

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    If you surf you should go to Hatteras,go meet Scott Busbey and buy a Fish.
    In The Eye.

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    I ride my Lost RNF as a twin... its a 5'10'' and it will float me in anything around knee high... im 160lbs. Its nice and floaty but it still has all the performance characteristics of good short board, so the switch over isn't so dramatic... def my favorite board for small days around here.