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Thread: boots?

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    yeah, i figure i'll buy some boots just to be on the safe side. i was thinking probably 3mm, but would 5mm be the better way to go? i doubt i'll do any surfing in the middle of winter, i just want to extend into fall and early spring.

    thanks for all the help.

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    for fall and early spring you will be fine in 3mm, but id say it would be worth your while to get 5 mils in case you decide you want to go out when it is a bit colder.

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    I have been been going for about the past month in no gloves and boots (Central New Jersey) and i have been just fine. Today when i went out I would say about 75% of the surfers out there werent wearing either.

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    i went out with no gloves today and had to go back to my car to put them on, its still cold and i put my 3-2 on and it was cold at first but then i got used to it, but after about an hour, it was too point here is, i shoulda kept wearing my thicker suit and kept the gloves on, and i will continue to do so until i feel hot, i don't know you u guys do it, i've surfed all winter too, the only thing i've shed so far is my hood

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    Man you guys are sissies. No boots, no gloves in Delmarva for the past 3 weeks. Tighten up pansies!